The innocents who died for a 1/3rd share of Hinckley and Hunt Yachts ?

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Jerry Lundquist’s career centered on designing and profiting from tools of war, perpetuating violence and suffering. It is indefensible. As a director in the aerospace and defense industry, Lundquist creates weapons platforms designed to efficiently and effectively kill people in large quantities. This choice actively contributes to the cycle of violence and suffering.

The human cost of Lundquist’s weapons platforms cannot be ignored. Countless innocent lives, including babies, children, and civilians, are lost due to these weapons. Their potential, dreams, and contributions to society are abruptly cut short. Lundquist’s involvement reflects a disregard for human life and callousness towards the immeasurable loss experienced by victims and their families.


Advocating for weapons that kill large numbers of people ignores peaceful alternatives to conflict resolution. These deadly weapons escalate conflicts and deepen the cycle of violence. Prioritizing power and destruction over diplomacy, peace, and human life, this argument is deeply flawed.

In conclusion, Jerry Lundquist’s career perpetuates violence and suffering, making it morally objectionable. The loss of potential and innocent lives, along with the perpetuation of violence, cannot be ignored. It is our duty to prioritize peace, empathy, and the sanctity of human life over profit and power.

Jerry Lundquist: “extensive experience …weapons platforms, military and space systems"

Director: Global Leader Aerospace and Defense Practice

One of the most tenured Senior Partners at McKinsey

A career designing and profiting from tools of war, perpetuating the cycle of violence and suffering.

Who did those weapons platforms murder ?

The wars during Jerry Lundquist's years as Director of Defense Practice:

Somali Civil War (2009–present)
Gaza War. Part of the Gaza–Israel conflict (2008-2009)
2008 Kufra conflict
Russo-Georgian War 2008
Bangladesh India border clash 2008
Cambodian–Thai border dispute 2008 2011
Djiboutian–Eritrean border conflict 2008
Hamas’ takeover of Gaza 2007 .Part of the Fatah–Hamas conflict
Lebanon conflict Lebanon 2007
Operation Juniper Shield Algeria (2007-Ongoing)
Part of the Sri Lankan Civil War
Eelam War (2006-2009)
Lebanon War 2006. Part of the Israeli–Lebanese conflict
Bakassi conflict Cameroon BAMOSD (2006 -2009)
Operation Astute. Australia (2006-2013 )
Mount Elgon insurgency. Kenya (2005-2008)
Chadian Civil War (2005–2010)
Houthi insurgency in Yemen (2004-2014)
Kivu conflict Democratic Republic of the Congo 2004- 2009
Conflict in the Niger Delta 2004 – Ongoing
South Thailand insurgency Thailand 2004 -Ongoing
Sinaloa Cartel–Gulf Cartel conflict Part of the Mexican drug war. (2004 -2010)
Iraq War 2003 -2011
War in Darfur 2003 – 2020
Syrian Civil War (2012– )
Insurgency in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (2004-Ongoing)
Sinaloa Cartel–Gulf Cartel conflict. Part of the Mexican drug war. (2004-2010)
South Thailand insurgency (2004- )
War in Darfur (2003-2020)
Iraq War (2003–11)
Afghanistan War (2001–14)
Kosovo War (1998–99)
Bosnian conflict (1992–95)
Persian Gulf War (1990–91)
Sierra Leone Civil War, 1991–2002
Falkland Islands War (1982)
Iran-Iraq War (1980–88)
Afghan War (1978–92)


Kargil War 1999


Eritrean-Ethiopian Border War 1998-2000
Kosovar War of Independence 1998-99
Third Angolan Civil War 1998-2002
RUF Resistance: Sierra Leone 1998-
Tutsi Rebellion: Congo 1998-
Northern Ireland Sectarianism 1998


Sierra Leonean Mutiny 1997
ECOWAS Intervention: 1997-8
Albanian Rebellion 1997
Anjouan & Moheli Secession 1997
Cambodian Civil War 1997


Burundian Hutu Rebellion 1996-
Burundian Military Coup 1996
Colombian Peasant Uprising 1996
North Korean Infiltration Campaign 1996
Liberian Civil War 1996-7
Military Coup: Sierra Leone 1996
EPR Revolt Mexico 1996
Northern Ireland Sectarianism 1996


Cenepa Valley War 1995
Ghana – Tribal Violence 1995
Hutu Infiltration: Burundi 1995
Zapatista Suppression 1995
LRA Insurgency: Uganda 1995-


Bajaur Insurgency 1994
Chechen Revolt: Russia 1994-6
Chiapas Rebellion: Mexico 1994
Ghana – Ethnic Violence 1994-5
Rwandan Genocide 1994


Burundian Civil War 1993-4
Georgian Civil War 1993-94
Russian Communist Revolt 1993
Somalian Clan Warfare 1993-


Bosnian-Herzegovinian War of Independence 1992-95
Abkhazian Rebellion 1992-93
Algerian Civil War 1992-
Second Angolan Civil War 1992-94
Bangkok Massacre: Thailand 1992
Comoran Military Coup 1992
February Coup: Chad 1992
May Coup: Chad 1992
Hindu-Muslim Riots 1992
Khmer Rouge Insurgency 1992-8
Nigeria: Kataf-Hausa Violence 1992
Military Coup: Sierra Leone 1992
Dushanbe Demonstration 1992
Tajikistani Civil War 1992-4
Mahore’s Anti-Comoran Violence 1992
Venezuelan February Coup 1992
Venezuelan November Coup 1992


Armenian-Azerbaijani War 1991-1994
August Coup: USSR 1991
Croatian Secession 1991-95
Djibouti Civil War 1991-4
Honduran Peasant Massacre 1991
Kurdish Revolt in Iraq & Turkey 1991-
Palace Massacre: Madagascar 1991
Shi’ite Rebellion: Iraq 1991
Slovenian Secession 1991
Sierra Leonean Civil War 1991-6
Somalian Civil War 1991-93
Soviet Intervention: Latvia 1991
Thai Military Coup 1991
Togolese Civil War 1991-2
Tontons Macoutes Revolt: Haiti 1991
Moldovan Civil War 1991-92
Neo-Duvalierists Revolt: Haiti 1991-94
Georgian Civil War 1991


Persian Gulf War 1990-91
ANC-Inkatha Violence 1990-94
Mass Demonstrations: Albania 1990
Student Protests in Albania 1990
Mercenary Uprising: Comoros 1990
Democracy Protests: Nepal 1990
Tuareg Separatism: Mali 1990-96
Nigeria: Jukun-Tiv Violence 1990-92
Osh Riots: Kyrgyzstan 1990
Transylvanian Violence: Romania 1990
Tuareg Separatism: Niger 1990-5
Philippine Army Rebellion 1990
Somalian Revolution 1990-91
South Ossetian Rebellion 1990-92
Surinamese Revolt 1990-92
Syrian-Phalangist Coup: Lebanon 1990
Trinidadian Rebellion 1990
Tutsi Insurgency: Rwanda 1990-91
Walvis Bay Dispute 1990-4



Babri Masjid Destruction 1989-93
Casamance Secession 1989-91
Denard’s Coup: Comoros 1989
Election Fraud: Madagascar 1989
Georgian April Tragedy 1989
SPM Insurgency: Somalia 1989-90
USC Insurgency: Somalia 1989-90
Romanian Revolution 1989
Liberian Civil War 1989-95
Libyan Fighters Incident 1989
Namibian Transition Crisis 1989
Panamanian Military Coup 1989
Paraguayan Military Revolt 1989
Philippine Military Revolt 1989
Senegal-Mauritania Border War 1989-91
Tiananmen Square Massacre 1989
US Invasion of Panama 1989
Venezuelan Food Riots 1989
Collapse of the Berlin War 1989-90


Kashmiri Insurgency: India 1988-
Lockerbie Incident 1988
Mercenary Coup: Maldives 1988
Palestinian “Intifada” 1988
Panamanian Military Coup 1988
Strait of Hormuz Incident 1988
Venezuelan Fishermen Massacre 1988
Algerian Antigovernment Rioting 1988
Bougainville Revolt 1988-98
Burundian Pogrom 1988
Burmese Spring 1988
Haitian June Coup 1988
Haitian September Coup 1988
Kanak Separatism: New Caladonia 1988


Toyota War 1987
Student Agitation: South Korea 1987
Bombing of KAL 858 1987
Barracks Uprising: Argentina 1987
Stark Incident 1987
Third Burundian Republic 1987
Thai-Laotion Border Clash 1987-88
Battle at the Grand Mosque 1987
Brasov Protest: Romania 1987
Burkina Faso Rebellion 1987
Fijian Military Coup 1987
GP Violence: Comoros 1987
National Civic Crusade: Panama 1987


South Yemeni Civil War 1986
Surinamese Revolt 1986-89
Nicaraguan Incursions: Honduras 1986-7
Ugandan Civil War 1986-95
American Raid on Libya 1986
Nigerian Student Protests 1986
Philippine Revolution 1986


Sinking of the Rainbow Warrior 1985
Sudanese Military Coup 1985
Thai Military Coup 1985
Ugandan Military Coup 1985
Agacher Strip War 1985
Comoran Military Revolt 1985
Haitian Revolution 1985-86
Israeli Raid: PLO Headquarters 1985
Nigerian Coup 1985


Sindhi-Muhajir Conflict 1984-92
Thai-Laotion Border Clash 1984
Turk Assimilation: Bulgaria 1984-5
Cameroonian Revolt 1984
Golden Temple Massacre 1984
Indira Gandhi Assasination 1984
Kanak Rebels: New Caladonia 1984-5


Rangoon Bombing 1983
Said Ali Kemal’s Plot: Comoros 1983
Shooting Down of KAL 007: 1983
Tamil Insurgency 1983-Present
Aquino’s Assassination 1983
GAL Terrorism: Spain 1983-
Guatemalan Military Coup 1983
Invasion of Grenada 1983
Maldivian Coup 1983
Military Coup: Upper Volta 1983
Nigerian Coup 1983

Overall, while there is no concrete proof of Lundquist’s involvement in any of the numerous wars of the time.  It is highly improbable that a senior partner with his level of experience and influence on weapon platforms would not have been involved in any of these wars. 

So just asking :  How many people were murdered for 1/3rd share of Hinckley and Hunt Yachts ?