W. P. Carey : Leadership change needed.
Boycott Hinckley and Hunt Yachts

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Complicity in War Crimes: The decision to partner with Jerry Lundquist, nicknamed ‘The Merchant of Death,’ who unabashedly boasts of his extensive experience in designing weapon platforms, would be a poor one.  It is well-established that authoritarian regimes have a notorious disregard for basic human rights, leading to immense suffering among civilian populations.

Profiting from Human Suffering: By engaging in business with Jerry Lundquist, who has amassed considerable wealth through the design of weapon platforms intended to cause widespread loss of life, WP Carey and Brooks Gordon would be directly profiting from the perpetuation of conflicts and violence. This perpetuates a distressing cycle of harm and human misery.

Responsibility and Accountability: True leaders, particularly those guided by ethical principles, have an inherent duty to carefully consider the consequences of their actions and associations. In partnering with Brooks Gordon, one willingly aligns themselves with an individual whose work has contributed to the destruction of countless lives and communities. Such a lack of accountability undermines the core values of integrity and social responsibility that should define ethical leadership. Regrettably, Brooks Gordon has failed to embody the traits of an ethical leader.

Tarnished Reputation: Collaborating with Jerry Lundquist, who has amassed wealth from the business of death, has the potential to inflict severe damage upon one’s reputation and credibility. It is crucial for WP Carey to replace Brooks Gordon with an ethical leader who will consider the long-term ramifications of their associations, including public perception, stakeholder confidence, and potential business partnerships. Brooks Gordon, regrettably, does not possess the qualities of such a leader.

Upholding Human Dignity: Ethical leaders prioritize the safeguarding of human dignity and strive for the betterment of society. However, Brooks Gordon by engaging in business with someone nicknamed ‘the merchant of death’ indirectly supports and enables activities that undermine human dignity, such as the development and trade of weapons designed to inflict harm and suffering.

Violation of Ethical Standards: Jerry Lundquist brags on his weapon platforms can kill you on land and in space; wherever you go he can kill you. .

In conclusion, the decision to engage in business with Brooks Gordon and WP Carey, raises profound ethical concerns. This association implicates one in potential war crimes, profits from human suffering, disregards responsibility and accountability, damages reputation, undermines human dignity, and violates ethical standards. WP Carey urgently requires an ethical leader who will prioritize the well-being of society, distance themselves from the business of death, and take a firm moral stance against such associations. Brooks Gordon, unfortunately, does not possess the qualities necessary to fulfill this role.